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Total No. of Dialysis Done

Total No Dialysis till 9th February 2024  -

Dialysis Center for Financially Affected

From 1st February 2009 we have started the Dialysis Center especially to help the financially affected & underprivileged patients patients suffering from kidney failure. 
This disease snatches the lives of thousands every year. Kidney failure patients are required to undergo dialysis activity twice or thrice a weeek, i.e 8 to 12 times a month. Private hospitals are charging 1200/- to 2500/-
per dialysis session which is not affordable to patients even if the earning is 20,000 rs to 25,000rs per month.
In private hospitals besides dialysis charges, the patients has to bear charges related to dialiser, tubing, hypotherene injections, pathology charges and various other charges which unfortunately they are required to pay.
We are proud to announce that we are doing the dialysis session only for the financially affected people and not for financially sound patients. Hence from the inception of the center ,we are charging 200rs per dialysis session and other requirements are available at cost price only.
We don't believe in giving services free as we strongly feel that one should realize the value of money and life.
Hence we charge a negligible fees of 200rs per dialysis cycle.
Saras Dialysis Center

Shocking Facts - Waiting List for Dialysis

Initially our club started Saras Dialysis Center with three machines. Within the period of seven days the waiting list had gone up-to 383 Patients!. Hence within the span of 3 years we were forced to add two more machines but waiting list was increasing day by day and had gone to 410 within short time. Now Saras Dialysis Center is the having most moderated 10 machines but waiting list is still there.

International Level of Dialysis Center

On 26th May 2014, we shifted our Dialysis Center in our own building and started the activity with 10 Machines. All 10 machines are of Fresenius Company having model no S-4008 each worth 6,00,000/- plus. We have installed 15,000 lt capacity RO Plant and center is fully air-conditioned with T.V and audio facility for patients. Each Dialysis require four hours. Our center is fully equipped & more then international standard. 

Our Technicians

Voice of the Patients

Miracles do happen

Various patients have shifted their dialysis from other center in Pune to Saras Dialysis Center they have found remarkable difference in the service and approach in our center. Patients are 100% satisfied and feel like Saras Dialysis Center their second home
It is history that once kidney fails, there is no hope for recovery. Our center is on par with International Standard and with the service offered to the patients who have been undergoing dialysis for 3 Years, the kidney of 2 such patients has been fully recovered. Similarly transplantation of five young boys and ladies in last 6 months have been 100% successful. The patients are contented and with their blessings our center is trying to give the best services. 
Well experienced, knowledgeable two technicians, two ward boys/women, one office administrator/receptionist and one sweeper comprise our team who are working delicately from the bottom of their heart to serve the patients. The entire staff has become like a family members to these patients.   

Tie Up for Emergengy

Care taken by Saras Dialysis Center

Reputed Nephrologist Dr. Abhay Sadre is visiting Saras Dialysis Center as Honorary Doctor. From day one he has given his service free. Today our success of this Dialysis Center  is de to his dedication, devotion, involvement, guidance and constant support 

Separate monitor, ECG Machine, Oxygen Gas Cylinder are available round the clock in case of any emergency.
To avoid any infections or any problems our staff takes proper care to wash and fumigate the tubing immediately after dialysis. The center is also fumigated once in a week to maintain a hygienic environment.
The entire process of dialysis is for four hours. During that process of purification of the blood and removal of waste from body, the patients gets sickness/ weakness hence complimentary tea, coffee, biscuits, ice cream is made available to the patients.   
In last five and half years no emergency has arisen due to highest quality of service given by our staff members to the patients. In the unforeseen, as a precautionary   measure our center has a tie-up with Ranka Hospital for any emergency cases.
Frequently blood is required to the patients. Jan Kalyan Blood Bank has generously agreed to make available blood at reasonable and concessional rate as per requirement  

Finance and Funds


Saras Dialysis Center is our Permanent Prestigious Project and is successfully running on donation received. All donation received are kept in Fixed Deposit with the Bank and intrest accumulated from such donation is utilized to meet the expense of the dialysis. Our basic expense fro each dialysis is Rs 900 to Rs 1000 per session. We are in deficit of Rs 700 to Rs 800 per dialysis session and this deficit is met from the interest accumulated on Fixed Deposits       
  • 50% Income Tax Exemptions U/S 80(G) of Income Tax Act,1961 
    • All donations for any service​ activities given are also entitled for 50% Income Tax Exemptions U/S 80(G) of Income Tax Act,1961 
  • Permission to Accept Donation in Foreign Currency
    • Central Board of Direct Taxes has also authorized and ​​permitted our Trust to accept donations in any foreign currency under Foreign Currency Regulation Act 

Miti Yojana

To meet the deficit our Trust has floated the scheme known as MITI YOJANA 

Free Dialysis

There are many patients who cannot even afford Rs 200/- for dialysis session. Sometimes they are living without food. To help these patients get their dialysis done P.M. Shah Medical Foundation, Disha Laboratory, Ranka Haspital, Lahoti Kidney Foundation, Mr, Ajay Suryawanshi and various members from Lions Club, NGOs have come forward to ensure that these patients get their dialysis free of cost. We are proud of these institutes as well as individuals
Saras Dialysis Center
Saras Dialysis Center
Saras Dialysis Center
Saras Dialysis Center
Saras Dialysis Center
Saras Dialysis Center
Saras Dialysis Center
Saras Dialysis Center
Saras Dialysis Center
Saras Dialysis Center
Saras Dialysis Center
Saras Dialysis Center
Saras Dialysis Center
Saras Dialysis Center

 Saras Dialysis Center

Saras Dialysis Center

Saras Dialysis Center

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