Dear President Lion Gajkumar Doshi,

Accept my heartiest congratulations for a successful and grand tenure of our own Club under your able leadership. It was great pleasure for me to witness various memorable activities like Teacher Training Program under Lions Quest, adoption of village, activities for Woman Empowerment, highest donation to Aksay Patra, the most memorable activity under the chairmanship of Lion Dilip Shelwante i.e. World Cup Tournament for Blind. This activity has brought glory to lionism by participation of various other Lions Clubs.

I am proud of you and your entire team for scoring highest in Administration and Activity and secured first rank three times in administration and in activity first and second rank. You have maintained and successfully tried to keep our Club on the top rank. No doubt it was possible due to the kind cooperation of our members.

All the Club Meetings and Board Meetings were attended in large number by members which itself is a proof about your popularity. At this juncture I would like to appreciate the co-operation extended by Lion Veermatibhabhi during entire tenure. I think this was first time in her life to attend each and every activity, meeting etc. It is always said that BEHIND EVERY SUCCESSFUL MAN THERE IS A WOMAN and it is proven by Lion Veermatibhabhi. Your entire success is only due to Lion Veermatibhabhi and credit goes to her only.

You have brought glory to our Club by winning various trophies at Region, District and Multiple level. I hope the same enthusiasm and your active participation will be there in future also for our Club and service activities. Myself and Lion Shashikala wish both of you a bright future in your Profession and Social life. Your guidance will be great path for incoming leaders of our Club. Wish you all the Best.

With Regards.


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